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Dry Amla Masala 250gm

About this item Amla Flavoured Candy is made out of rich quality components. Prepared, reused, and packed in a veritably aseptic condition to insure better quality and authentic flavor. It stimulates the digestive enzymes and acts as an appetizer. 100 Hand Made, Mouth- soddening Flavor & Aroma, Authentic Indian Taste, Premium Packaging .IngredientsNatural And Pure Amla With Spices

Dry Amla Sweet 250gm

About this item Sweet Amla is rich in minerals similar to chromium, zinc, bobby, iron, and others. Ayurvedic experts consider these minerals important for boosting immunity in the body. Sweet Amla Candy Can be consumed directly ( Dried Dehydrated Fruit) Sweet Amla helps in Digestion, Rich in Nutrients and Vitamin C . Helps in Relief of Acidity, stomach problems and improves eyesight . Being a rich source of Vitamin C and containing anti-oxidant parcel, Sweet Amla improves and reinforces the vulnerable system.